iFrame Transaction NPM Module


Files to demonstrate how to use the Merrco Payfirma Simple Payment Module. https://www.npmjs.com/package/merrco-payfirma-simple-pay-module?activeTab=readme

Install:npm i merrco-payfirma-simple-pay-module

Basic HTML Demo files

  • Follow source code and comments in the following files

  • basic-html-demo/simple_test.html

  • basic-html-demo/custom_css_test.html

React Demo

  • View souce code + comments react-demo/iframe-demo/src/App.js

  • cd into react-demo/iframe-demo

  • Make sure you are using Node LTS v18.17.1 (Latest LTS: Hydrogen) or higher nvm use lts/hydrogen

  • Run with npm start

To get Iframe Access Token

Please, Login at PayHQ ang go to Settings. PayHQ Settings

Create Iframe Access Token

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